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A delightful little book – 'RYE, Around and About' £9.95

This book features many images from the Galleries, various exhibitions and also includes additional material.


If you're in Rye, this book is a 'must have'. Buy at:

The Rye Bookshop

25 High Street

Rye TN31 7JF


We hope that this delightful little book will inspire you to visit Rye… Look inside…


Rye info:

A high quality, hard cover production, size 158 x 158mm with 44 pages… of pictures.

The book offers a personal and very particular view of Rye and the rural surroundings.

It is a romantic outlook, a communication of the unique and special charm of the citadel of Rye and it's environs.

ISBN no. 9780956697011

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